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Company Name Riken Dengu Seizo Co.,Ltd.
Established July, 1937
Capital100 million yen (As of Sep 1, 2008)
President & CEO Godai Tashiro
employees 70
Offices and Works■Head Office
3-2-8 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0073
TEL.03-5730-7700 FAX.03-5730-2205
■Osaka Office
Axis Bldb. Minami-akutagawa-chou Takatsuki-shi Osaka 569-1124
TEL.072-686-5955 FAX.072-686-5966
■Gunma Logistics Center
505 Omama Omama-cho Midori-shi Gunma 376-0101
TEL.0277-73-2714 FAX.0277-73-0029
■Gunma Factory
505 Omama Omama-cho Midori-shi Gunma 376-0101
TEL.0277-73-2716 FAX.0277-73-2724

Main Activities

[Manufacturing] ・ Microwave components
・ CCD cameras
・ LED products
・ Optical connector assembly
・ Electronic manufacturing service
[Sales] ・ Japanese and oversea electronic devices and components
・ Environmentally-resistant TFELs and LCD displays
・ Optical fiber cables
・ Aaircraft Components
・ LEDs, LCDs
・ CCD cameras, CMOS cameras, DVRs, mobile recorders
・ RF micro devices
・ Antenas, Radomes, RCS measurement systems
・ 3D field simulators / microwave circuit simulators
・ Electronic device simulators for defense system
・ SAW filters

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